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How to Clean with VioCare™ Multi Surface Cleaner

VioCare™ is a powerful all in one, multi surface cleaner, and is used as a stand alone surface cleaner and deodorizer. Incombination with VioCare™ PLUS or ViroChem™ it becomes a powerful integrated pest management system. VioCare™ provides effective cleaning, while deodorizing areas where deep cleaning is critical to controlling the hazards of cross contamination on high touch surfaces. VioCare™ eliminates unwanted odors, while preparing surfaces for application of a degreaser or registered disinfectant intended to kill bio-film.

  • No rinse required.
  • Non chlorine or quaternary formula, contains no bleach ammonia or acid.
  • Broad spectrum applications, hosptials, healthcare, industry, restaurants, hotels, households and more. 
  • Fresh Scent and Original Non Scented Option
  • Made in Honolulu, Hawaii

VioCare™ is certified by the Department of Agriculture, Made in Hawaii with Aloha, and is a State of Hawaii preferred product. Safer Choice Compliant.

Available in 3oz Travel Size, 24oz Trigger Spray, (12 Case) 1 Gallon Bottles (4 Case) and 270 Gallon totes.
For wholesale and pallet pricing, please call us directly at 808-201-8441 


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