Lubrco is invested in being a sustainable supply chain manufacturer for the islands of Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim.
We are guided by Hawaiian values; and share Aloha in our principles and practices.

Company profile, & Sustainability plan

We have been in business in Hawaii since 2017 - As founders and business executives we have over 45 years of collective experience working with governments, agencies, non-profits, and manufacturing.

As a Hawaii business we are fortunate to have local innovation partners that have helped us accelerate our company growth, and have assisted in our pivot from industrial lubricants, oils and greases to a much needed supply chain gap remedy for Covid-19 and emerging pathogens.

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Our company has state of the art production lines and full warehouse capacity to run a minimum of 9,000 units per shift, of varied sizes. We develop, process, manufacture and package disinfectant and cleaning solutions; we offer our finished and customizable labeling for products to all islands, Pacific Rim and North America. We have an integrated customer service management system that provides portal access to customers with customzable options for shipping, billing, reporting, order tracking and return requests. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures successful purchasing, delivery, and automation efficient servicing of all customers and continuous order needs. 

Offering fair and equitable price points while highlighting quality, sustainability, and delivery, we provide good value, and are investing big in keeping local supply chain and jobs expanding. 



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Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 3:30pm
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Lubrco LLC
220 Puuhale Road, Unit A1.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

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